Do you ever get  stressed out over money?

Do you wish you had more control over your finances?

Do you want to change your money reality forever?

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financially powerless to
financially POWERFUL
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Do you want the power & skills to…

  • Free yourself from feeling out of control of your finances
  • Begin and develop an amazing relationship with money
  • Build and reinforce a powerful ABUNDANCE mindset
  • Set & achieve your financial goals
  • Master budgeting and spending, giving you more money at the end of the month
  • Destroy your debts using powerful strategies
  • Build a financially strong family with healthy money relationships
  • Boost your income through multiple money flows
  • And more…


What is holding you back from living a life of financial freedom and endless abundance?

Have you ever thought to yourself?

I wish I knew how to manage my money better


I don’t have enough money to get me through this month (where did it all go?)


I wish I had enough savings to cover unexpected emergencies


I wish I didn’t fight over money


I wish I could get rid of my debt faster


I wish I had more money coming into my bank account each month


I will never be rich

If you have ever though any of these

Missing this course would rob you of financial freedom

More about your coach…

Hi, my name is Steve Hughes and I will be showing YOU how to improve your financial reality, turning YOU into a powerful MONEY MASTER.

I am an award-winning wealth planner and the founder of The Platinum Edge, one of South Africa’s most powerful wealth creation models.

As an entrepreneur with several companies, I am fascinated with creating business structures and designing powerful ways to make money, as well as how the rich get richer.

I created this course to empower people like you; people that know they want more from life; people that want to master their money, people that are ready to shout out, on the top of their lungs, “NO MORE! FROM TODAY ON I WILL BE THE MASTER OF MY FINANCIAL DESTINY!!!”

I am looking forward to giving you the tools to unlock your true wealth health potential.

What your journey will look like. 


We will meet each Monday over a 7 week period for 1 hour via Zoom

The next course is beginning:

Monday 28 June 2021


Monday 9 August 2021

7pm – 8pm*

* – Dates and times may change if they coincide with Eskom load shedding.

See the course overview below

  • Find your starting point (and be ok with it)

  • The power of preparation

  • Your Money Wheel

  • Your Money Personality

  • Understanding some basic terminology

  • Understanding beliefs & attitudes

  • Identifying limiting beliefs

  • How to break bad beliefs

  • Building & reinforcing powerful beliefs

  • Finding your ‘WHY’
  • What are your goals?

  • Setting SMART goals

  • How to achieve your financial goals

  • Common mistakes to avoid

  • Staying on track

  • Identifying common spending mistakes

  • How to build a powerful budget

  • Paying yourself first

  • Building your emergency fund

  • Smart shopping
  • Know your debts

  • What is a Debt ratio

  • Debt busting strategies

  • Consolidation, relief, sequestration

  • How to handle your creditors

  • How to stop family money friction

  • In richness and poorness

  • Money Mindful parenting

  • Leaving a legacy

  • The Salary drug

  • The side-hustle


  • Identifying income opportunities

  • How to make time to make money

  • The road ahead

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Are you ready to invest in your WEALTH HEALTH?

What others are saying

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Thank you very much for assisting me and guiding me in making the right decisions that will create my best future

Steve has a refreshing perspective. He can see though the BS and point out the direction one is heading, thus opening ones eyes to ones own potential. I was able to see past my obstacles / resistance and start carving out a decent, workable plan to achieve my goals: financial, life, and business. Thanks to Steve I now look forward to each day and don’t stress, knowing I am heading somewhere great.

You can keep on doing what you’ve always done, and keep on having what you currently have….

or you can take this life-changing step that will lead you towards a future of financial abundance and MONEY MASTERY.



If you are unsure, have any questions, or you just want to connect, feel free to get in touch via email, phone call, Whatsapp, Telegram, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, strip-o-gram, whatever.

I’d rather you connect, than miss out on the change to change your life forever.