Do you need a safe space, a friendly ear,
and the freedom to work through your challenges
confidentially and without judgement? 

Are you or someone that you know struggling with any aspect/s of life?

Do you need a safe place in which to vent, channel or just a friendly ear to listen?

Are you needing a ‘sounding board’ to bounce thoughts off of?

Are you looking for someone to help you navigate life’s difficulties with the aim of getting you through safely and unharmed? 

Are you or your family members needing impartial and non-judgmental guidance and support? 

We all need loving help

We offer counselling services to adults and young adults/teenagers.

As a parent, counsellor and coach I have personal experience as well as certification in helping teenagers and adults with some of the more troubling aspects of life. I have helped clients on such topics as:

– Depression
– Motivation
– Suicide
– Self-worth
– Anger
– Peer-pressure
– Social media/chat/internet/sexting/
inappropriate photograph issues
– Substance abuse & Addiction