Meet the founder – Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes was born in the north of England but moved to South Africa when he was young.

Steve has always been very interested in the concept of personal development, and spent decades studying personal development and mastery concepts in self-development as well as directly under the guidance of enlightened teachers.

Besides personal development, Steve has decades of experience and a passion for developing business and financial abundance models and aside from his successful coaching practice, he is the founder and owner/partner of several companies. 

Steve realised that in order to truly be able to add value for his clients, he needed to find the missing piece of the abundance puzzle, which turned out to be coaching, of which life coaching, money coaching, business & entrepreneurial coaching formed the backbone.  

Steve is blessed to have an amazing family that support him (and put up with him) and is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Current coaching & consulting services

– Master Life Coach
– Goal Setting
– Life Purpose
– Happiness
– Stress Management
-Young Adult counselling

– Money
– Career
– Entrepreneur & Business
– Side Hustle

– Meditation
– Mindfulness